About Us

If I could take all my parts with me when I go somewhere, and not have to say to one of them, “No, you stay home tonight, you won't be welcome,” because I'm going to an all white party where I can be gay, but not Black. Or I'm going to a Black poetry reading, and half the poets are antihomosexual, or thousands of situations where something of what I am cannot come with me. The day all the different parts of me can come along, we would have what I would call a revolution.

—Pat Parker, Movement In Black

Founded in 2011 by a group of concerned men of all strides (gay, straight, bisexual, white, black, and hispanic), Livelocity seeks to simply empower gay, bisexual, MSM, SGL men of color. For far too long we have relied on others to care for our community. While they have done the best they could do, we acknowledge that we are better suited to understand the needs of other MSM of color.

In our initial stage of growth we have spent time to think strategically about our needs so that the programming we offer is targeted, direct, and effective. Over time it is our hope that we are able to be a one-stop comprehensive organization for all needs and issues of MSM of color.

Our Mission

Through research, financial efforts and outreach, Livelocity empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ) people of color (POC), encourages them to live their lives openly, provides education, advocacy, & social support services, and seeks to change the hearts and minds of others to the side of equality. Livelocity also provides funding support for initiatives that empower LGBTQ persons in urban communities.