Nonprofits working for Us

While every nonprofit provides much needed services, not all organizations are able to provide LGBTQ people of color with care that is unique to their concerns. More Coming Soon


Here we will list those local and national businesses and corporations who give us financial support throughout the year, as well as those who promote a culture of acceptance.More Coming Soon

Party Promoters
who Care

Over the course of the year as a work with party promoters we will list them here as a way to introduce you to those who support the charitable aims of the community.More Coming Soon

Our Duty

We have a duty and obligation to support nonprofits, businesses, and others who support the efforts to empower our community. The above nonprofits, business partners, and party promoters have supported Livelocity and our efforts to empowers gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men of color, encourages them to live their lives openly, provides education, advocacy, & social support services, and seeks to change the hearts and minds of others to the side of equality.